Michael E Rose

Composer, conductor and teacher

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"Thanks for this info Catherine, will be a huge loss if this happens! Northants had the same happen to them last year & I think they managed to get some funding after appeal."

This shows it can work, folks! ->

I can say that from my own perspective my youth orchestra experience was literally life transforming. I had very difficult teenage years, and without the orchestra I'd have turned into a juvenile delinquent!

My memories of Beds music are so precious to me that I feel like weeping at the thought of it being destroyed. I'll send some letters and contact everyone I can think of, and if there is anything else I can do please let me know.


I guess that Michael must be feeling extremely hurt and frustrated by this move. I hate to be sentimental, but it's fair to say that I am who I am because of the work Michael and his team did while I was growing up. I don't think there's a single area of my life that hasn't been touched and bettered by the experiences I gained as a young musician under his care. I'm still living out the lessons I learned under his baton twenty years ago. It might seem now as though all his work is being undone, but I'd like him to know that the benefits it gave me - and countless others - are indelible.

Messages from wellwishers and ex-Beds Youth Music people.

Thanks for letting me know about the campaign. I can't believe that the funding is being cut right down to zero. It's a real shame for all those kids in the county who are going to lose out on the fantastic music education I received from people like Michael and his team. Without the music courses I went on in the school holidays (whether it was the youth choir course in half terms or orchestra or band courses in the end of term holidays) I probably wouldn't have pursued music like I did.

The idea that the proposed cuts to Bedfordshire music could be so brutal causes me real sadness and concern. I have very fond memories of going to  Saturday morning music sessions and playing with the Youth Orchestra, my brother also enjoyed playing the Tuba... We all shared the  rich opportunities to play and learn music from an early age - something which we took for granted, I really hope this opportunity will remain something that can still be offered to future generations. My childhood would have been a lot less rich without the access to music that I was offered.

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